In 1981, the Riverton Friendship Centre was incorporated under the Corporations Act of Manitoba as The Riverton and District Friendship Centre and became the eleventh Friendship Centre in Manitoba. 

In 1983, Core funding was approved and Riverton started to operate with its own budget and 10 member board of directors. 

When the Department of Natural Resources determined that they required the use of the whole office building, the Friendship Centre operations had to re-locate. We were in a house on Queen Street for a while and then in the Sandy Bar Motel until moving into part of the newly constructed Riverton Thrift Shop complex. 

In 1984 the centre applied for capital funding to the federal Secretary of State department under the National Friendship Centre Program and was successful in being approved for $250,000.00 to construct our own facility mortgage free. 

In 1985 the facility was complete and the Friendship Centre had a grand opening in September. There were eight offices. Two classrooms, one large hall in the basement, a fully serviced kitchen and many other rooms.